WGAViewer is a suite of JAVA software tools that provides a user-friendly interface to annotate, visualize, and help interpret the full set of P values emerging from a whole genome association (WGA) study.

Dramatic advances in genotyping technologies have allowed the development of affordable products that simultaneously genotype a genome-wide set of polymorphisms that are known to represent most of the common genetic variants in specific human population groups. These technologies have enabled Genome-Wide Association Studies(GWAS), and become one important basis for personalized medicine.

The ultimate goal of the WGAViewer software is to allow investigators to consider the full set of P values resulting from an association study rather than simply looking at the few “top” polymorphisms with the lowest P values. This software package allows the researcher to visualize and consider other supporting evidence, such as the genomic context of the SNP, linkage disequilibrium (LD) with ungenotyped SNPs and the evidence from other Whole Genome Association projects alongside the P value of association when determining the potential importance of an individual SNP. Most importantly, it would highlight possible mechanisms, for example by directly or indirectly implicating a polymorphism with an apparent link to gene expression, splicing, non-coding RNAs or other possibilities that would suggest specific functional follow-up.

WGAViewer software has contributed to a great number of scientific and industrial successes.



WGAViewer software is free of charge to both academic and industrial researchers.

1. Full WGAViewer installation package for Windows. (exe file, size = 142 MB)


2. Full WGAViewer installation package for Linux/Mac. (zip file, size = 178 MB)


3. Lite evaluation package for Windows. (exe file, size = 29 MB)


4. Lite evaluation package for Linux/Mac. (zip file, size = 46 MB)



For more information, visit http://www.wgaviewer.org